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Happy New Year

Igor: I just wish all the best to everyone, alot of health and sex, you can earn the rest :) Noone has everything. Damn I have terrible hangover :) William: Best wishes for the new year, 2008 has been the turning point of the internet with the amount of advancements made in web design, web development and the advancements of the web browsers themselves! Not only has 2008 been the turning point of the internet but a turning point in history with Barack Obama in the white house, the Olympics and much much more.Lets see if we can make...

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Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer Performance Benchmark

Ok people (to whoever reads this) it has been a long night, I’m very tired but managed to do some testing and I came up with some interesting results. I wanted to see for myself what this Chrome madness all about is. In my previous post I tried to “feel” all the 3 browsers and then compare my impressions with some of the early benchmarks done by the dudes at I was right about some parts of the performance tests, but wrong about others – for instance I thought that Internet Explorer has a fastest script engine. Anyways...

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How To Create User Profiles In Chrome

Separate users on one browser can be handy for web developers and advanced users. Plus Google Chrome and Firefox share a history aware address bar or “Awesome Bar” that can create awkward situations if there is a lack of it. Creating separate users in most of the browsers can be tricky (especially in ff 2.x versions). I dont know why is that, there is no good reason for it but things are as they are. So if you want to create your user in Chrome you need to manually create a folder in Chrome’s application data folder, and that’s...

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