Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Beta


Tomorrow Microsoft will make Windows 7 beta available for download. But should you rush and install the successor of the memory eating monster Vista?

At the Consumer Electronic Show 2009 in Las Vegas Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced the free public beta of the Windwows 7 OS, which is expected to be less memory consuming, leaner, faster than its previous versions. We had a glance at very early version a month ago and i have to admint even though it wasnt feature complete this early version was working fine.  This release is reportedly feature complete all the intended functionality is included as the final version and will expire on Aug 1, 2009.

According to Microsoft Windows 7 is stripped-down OS and it will require as little as 1 GB of system memory to run smoothly even on Netbooks.  Alot of changes under the hood are made, including revamped Vista kernel, overhauled graphic modules, less anoying User Accounts Control, new ways to connect different devices with your PC with Device Stage etc.  Windows 7 may even include some features from the Microsoft’s upcoming Azure cloud OS.

All this would be great if Vista wasn’t that big of a resource hog and the scepticism of the users wasn’t that high. Infact some companies either still offer XP to their customers or swtich back to XP.

Download here (registration required)

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