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(In)decent Proposal 2 Starring Microsoft and Skype

Unlikely the movie that took part in 1993, this title really happened, officially on May 10th, 2011. And the price offered- $8.5 billion in cash (well Robert won Demi for only a million). For us mortals, it is still not clear weather this deal is good or bad, but Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer believes that together with Skype, the future of the real time communication will be crated. A new business division within Microsoft will also be created, the Microsoft Skype division. Skype will support the main Microsoft devices such as the Xbox and Kinect, Windows phone and many...

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Load Time Measurement by Google Analytics

Google Analytics presents a new feature,the Load Time Measurement.Combined with the Site speed to Google Analytics and the asynchronous tracking code, this new feature will allow users to understand how is the search ranking affected by the load times.In short,the Site speed is concerned to provide a faster web for the users and the businesses, which will bring a better ranking in Google search. The advantages of the site speed report are : – Measures the speed of the landing pages(which one are slowest); – The traffic sources(which campaigns correspond to faster page loads overall); – The visitors (variations...

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How to Edit Facebook Comments?

In a hard times like these, when we, The Facebook addicts are so misunderstood,this new option may be a good way to prove someone wrong. Maybe not. OK, first let me introduce the long waited option in Facebook, Editing the comments that you misspelled. It is very simple,and can be done by just clicking on the “x” button next to the comment. What happens is,Facebook does not delete the comment, but instead, the “deleted” comment appears in the input field, which permits the users to edit the mistakes in that same comment. I guess, this feature is strictly intended...

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How to Clean up Flash Cookies?

About a year ago, Google bundled Adobe Flash with the Chrome Web browser in order to make it more secure for their Chrome users. When someone wanted to clear Flash Local Shared Objects or the commonly called Flash cookies, they had to visit the Adobe website. But today, Chrome came up with the new feature that allows users to clear the Flash cookies directly from the browser. It is located in the Tools menu under Clear Browsing Data. A Clear Browsing Data menu will appear, so all you have to do is just select the Delete cookies and other...

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How to Upload Folders in Google Docs?

It is the new feature that Google added to Google Docs, that allows uploading folders and files. This new option works in Google Chrome, and uses the new drag and drop interface. It is very easy. Just go to Google Documents and click on the Upload button. A drop down menu will appear and the option Folder in it, therefore you can upload entire folders without selecting each individual file. It is a great way and a great place to keep the important documents online. You go,...

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