Skype will Acquire GroupMe

Skype bought GroupMe 2 It is still not official but apparently Skype agreed to buy the messaging service GroupMe. GroupMe is a group messaging service that was founded in 2010 in New York by Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci. The company currently has 20 employees. GroupMe allows you to create private phone groups, and then send the messages via various smartphone platforms through the group. You can also set up a free conference calls. Rumors say that GroupMe will remain independent, and that it will become the core of Skype’s mobile messaging system.Skype bought GroupMe But along the way, both companies will for sure combine their technologies. This is a smart move for Skype in order to complete their goal of reaching 1 billion users, because this messaging platform represents an everyday interactive form of mobile communication where Skype can for sure find the target they are looking for. The deal will probably be closed on Monday.

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