Dell 13z 14z

Dell Launched 13z and 14z Laptops

Dell 13z 14z After facing many critics on its design and not very satisfying customer service, which of course resulted in some serious market share loses, Dell has decided to change the way thing work. Therefore, they have decided to do a little remake to its laptops, making them only an inch thick. Both of this new design features Core i3 and Core i5 processors, display with resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, operating system Windows 7, and some other features like USB 3.0, built-in media card readers and Wi-Fi. Other features of this new Dell designs are the 8GB RAM memory, internal DVD combo and Dell Stage user interface which provides access to your music, photos and videos just with one click away. The 13z laptop has a choice between 320GB or 500GB HDD, and with the 14z laptop, you can choose between 500GB, 640GB or 750GB Hard Disk. Both of the designs posses aluminium lids and palm rests, and you can find then in black and red color. The starting price for this new laptops is $599. The 13z model is available in Asia, but you can find the 14z model in US stores. Well, hurry up:)

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