Tips for Choosing your VR Headsets

Virtual reality headsets were introduced to have an awesome experience of virtual reality which takes you to the virtual world. It is a head mounted device mostly used by gamers who use to play virtual reality games also in other applications as well including simulators and trainers even used in medical field for training medical students for surgery. The VR headsets includes stereoscopic head-mounted display, stereo sound, and head motion tracking sensors even some VR headsets comes out with eye tracking sensors and game controllers. To have a realistic experience of virtual reality prefer the high quality leading branded VR headsets.

  • Before buying the VR headsets you need to be set with your preference as there are two types of VR headsets are mobile and tethered headsets.
  • The pricing differs for the VR headsets based on its quality, brands and specifications. You can buy the VR headsets in your budget through checking out the prices in online then you can shop it.

Mobile VR headsets have a cavity to place the smartphones and the lenses separate the mobile screen into two in order to turn the smartphones into a virtual device because these headsets makes use of smartphones as their display and this is introduced for the compatibility of mobile phones. Tethered VR headsets are used to connect with PCs or game systems it has combined displays with motion sensing and head tracking sensors. While comparing with mobile headsets tethered headsets are quite expensive both the headsets were differs in size, features and compatibility.

Best Choices for VR Headsets to Shop

The mobile or tethered headsets that are currently trending in the field are as follows through which you can get some clear ideas while shopping the VR headsets to choose the best one including the pricing as well.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is the one which is very popular since now as this supports large area VR and it is very advanced including oculus touch motion controllers for excellent gaming experience.

Sony Play Station VR

It is a tethered headset which is easy to use and offers an awesome experience of virtual reality and the theatre mode in it allows playing any PS4 games.

HTC Vive

This is moreover similar to Rift as it comes out with headset, two motion controllers and two base stations also tracking accessories were included in it that gives you the natural experience of gaming.

Google Daydream    

When you prefer to buy the best VR headset in low cost then the best choice will be the Google Daydream which is an inexpensive headset in the market you can find it as an impressive one when you started working with the apps which can connect with it.

Samsung Gear VR

This is introduced exclusively for supporting Samsung smartphones and the gear’s software ecosystem were designed by combining with oculus for working finely with various features in multiple ways. It is with advanced features including Bluetooth controller equipped with touch pad and motion sensing.

For owing best experience of virtual reality can prefer tethered headsets as it is compatible with large displays and have extra functionalities whereas mobile headsets fits for average people those who planned to buy headsets in low cost. These are the key points needed to be remembered while purchasing VR headsets.

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