Me, Myself and Max

Yes thats right, another of my unconventional posts. This one is all about Me, Myself and Max. Max however is not a person, nor is Max an animal. Max is what I call my Maxtor BasicsTM External Desktop Hard Drive. Thats right. This post is all about my experience with my brand new external hard drive.

The Maxtor BasicsTM External Desktop Hard Drive that I purchased has apparently got 500GB, however, my Max has only 465GB. Now I was only looking for a cheap 120GB portable drive but Max cost about £50 less than what I was looking at so I made a small sacrifice of the porability for cost. For this reason and this reason only I will not complain or return my mate Max.

I have used Max as a media library with over 10GB of music, 20GB of films and 30GB of photos from my recent trip to Kenya. On top of all this I have the cheek to run OpenSolaris and Ubuntu from his memory. Myself however dont have the capcity to hold that amount of information.

Forgetting the size now Max comes with a USB 2.0 conection, Plug-n-Play style use, EU and UK plugs, (I’m sure in the US you will get a US plug,) a three year limited warrenty and a quick start guide. Intrested in the speed of this Hard Drive? Well Max is amazingly fast when it comes to data retrieval with his amazing ability to spin round at 7200 RPM.

Want to know how old Max is? Well all I can tell you is that Max is 20 years in the making. Me? Well, thats an entirely different story that I don’t think I want to go into.

Aright then… Me, I’m 16. That is all you need to know, but, I want to know what you think of the Maxtor BasicsTM External Desktop Hard Drive. Is it as reliable as Max with no problems to date? Does it have more or less space to store information that Max? Does yours actually have 500GB? We here at Technoish want to know, so post your experiences over in the Forums. Head to Discuss Driver Posts on Technoish then look for Me, Myself and Max – Experiences.

My next post I hear you ask? Well that would be telling but I will tell you this much. I have been blowing many Glubbles while writing it.

4 thoughts on “Me, Myself and Max”

  1. The reason the box says 500GB and you only see 465GB is because HD manufacturers define a GB as 1 Billion Bytes, but a GB is actually 2^30 bytes (1073741824 bytes) so 500GB on the box is really only 465GB of storage space.

  2. george spartalis

    i had an accident with the external hard disk and my laptop can’t recignise it any more. What should i do?

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