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How to Edit Facebook Comments?

In a hard times like these, when we, The Facebook addicts are so misunderstood,this new option may be a good way to prove someone wrong. Maybe not. OK, first let me introduce the long waited option in Facebook, Editing the comments that you misspelled. It is very simple,and can be done by just clicking on the “x” button next to the comment. What happens is,Facebook does not delete the comment, but instead, the “deleted” comment appears in the input field, which permits the users to edit the mistakes in that same comment.

Editing Facebook Comments
Editing Facebook Comments

I guess, this feature is strictly intended for the Facebook addicts, because only those who spend hours and hours on the Social Network can manage to edit the comment within 12 seconds. Most of the users will get frustrated, because after those 12 seconds time allowed to edit, the only option left is to delete the comment. Another weakness is that, if someone else comments before you click the “x” button, the comment can not be edited, it will be deleted.No matter if the user manage to edit the comment in 12 seconds, if the author of the post and the other people that commented on that same post have email notification enabled, they will receive a copy of each edited version. So, what is the advantage of this new option? It does not save you time exactly, because if you edit the comment, you will lose another 12 seconds on Facebook(varies on individuals writing skills) and the other involved in the commenting will eventually find out what was your original thought:) So, hurry up, if you are fast writer, you can get a like from the commenters, but if not, you may “win” one of these new icons (do not worry,they are still not approved by Facebook).

Fancy This Facebook
Fancy this
Hate this Facebook
Hate This
Pick this Facebook
Pick This
Stop this Facebook
Stop This

The Edit option is available for comments only, not status updates or news feed posts.


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