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How to Check PS5 Controller Battery

Depending on how much you use the PS5 controller, the battery life can range from 10 to 15 hours. It’s easy to forget about the current battery status on your controller when you’re playing an exciting game. A dead controller battery is the last thing any gamer wants while in the middle of gaming. So, how can you keep your controller in top shape? Let us find out!

Checking Your Controller’s Battery Life

To determine if your controller needs new batteries, first make sure that its power button has been pressed down at least once since you put it into action. If not, then press it now. This will turn off the console and allow you to see the status screen. From there, look for the word “battery” under the main menu heading. You should also notice two icons next to this text. These represent the amount of remaining battery life left on both sides of the controller.

If either icon shows less than half full, or if neither one appears, then you need to recharge your controller before continuing play. To do this, simply plug the included USB cable into your computer or device, wait until the LED light turns green, and unplug the charger after 30 seconds. Then repeat steps 1-3 above to ensure that your controller is fully charged.

Once you have done these three things, you should be able to continue using your controller without fear of running low on juice. Now let’s talk about charging times.

Charging Times For Different Batteries

As we mentioned earlier, Sony recommends replacing the batteries every six months. However, most gamers won’t want to go through this hassle unless they really need to. Fortunately, Sony offers several different types of replacement batteries, including AAAA, AA and C. Each type provides slightly more capacity than the previous version, but none offer significantly better performance. In fact, the only real difference between them is the size of the battery itself.

So which ones should you choose? Well, as always, it depends on your personal preference. Some people prefer larger batteries because they feel like they provide longer runtimes. Others may opt for smaller batteries because they think they fit better inside the controller. Ultimately, though, you just have to decide whether you value portability over longevity.

Regardless of which option you select, remember that no matter what kind of battery you buy, you still need to follow the same basic rules outlined previously. That means making sure that you plug the charger directly into the wall outlet rather than connecting it via USB. Also, avoid leaving the controller plugged in overnight. Doing so could drain the battery faster than normal usage would. Finally, never leave the controller unattended while recharging. Even if it seems safe enough, doing so could cause damage to the internal circuitry.


Now that you understand how to properly care for your PlayStation 5 controller and check the battery status in a breeze, you can play your favorite game without fear of having to deal with a low-battery controller.

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