Evernote Extension for Google Chrome

Don`t you hate it when you see all the open tabs on your PC, especially in Chrome? Well, there is finally a solution, the Evernote extension for Google Chrome. It is a great alternative for bookmarks. Once installed, Evernote will store the content you like in a free online account. There are two ways for saving the content you like. One way is by selecting the content and then just click on the green elephant icon placed on the address bar. The other way is right-click on the selected content, and select the Evernote`s file saving option from the context menu. You can also save full page, URL, or an article. Other options available in this extension is the Simultaneous Search and Browsing the Evernote account. It is a cool feature, that remembers everything that you ever clipped, just like the elephants remember stuff :). The best thing about it, is that you can access your notes anytime and anywhere.

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