Don’t be Late for Class with College Alarm Clock

Free application for Windows only that wont allow you to be late for class. Set a custom alarm time through the whole week. You can choose to set between plain beep and your folder of music. Skip days of the week and save alarm schedule to switch between holiday breaks and regular semester wakeup times. You can download it from here

4 thoughts on “Don’t be Late for Class with College Alarm Clock”

  1. This is really great. I do various virtual assistant tasks throughout the day and could definately use this to keep me on schedule. I like how you can skip days of the week if you’d like and that I can apply my music as the alarm type if I so choose. Really a nice application that can be used routinely every single day. A handy, free download that many folks will surely take advantage of!

  2. Trust me, applications like these are life-savers! Why didn’t they have this during my time! Brilliant idea in my opinion. Simple interface with even your own ‘Alarm Tone’! How cool is that.

    You should probably email the Colleges to install this application on all of the students’ PC.

    I’m so getting this even though I’m not in college anymore!

  3. Good program. Personally I feel that, this doesn’t help much when we consider class/college. This application might help us if we have any important task that we have to do in our computer when we are spending our time on our computer. According to me the best thing about this application is its ability to customize the sound whether we wan’t a beep sound or some other sound.

  4. Nice program/gadget but not suitable for me because I turn off my computer before I go to sleep!!

    I am going to keep my computer on in the future has the awesome program has lots of excellent features such as skip days of the weeks and switch between holdiay breaks!!

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