Google Preview Pane

Gmail Gets a Preview Pane

Today Google improved the mail with an additional feature in the Labs department :) called a Preview Pane. I`m sure all of the users of Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo mail are familiar with this option, but it`s every time more exciting when Google has one :) A +1 for this one :) As we said, you can enable this feature in the Labs section, where next to the right corner you will get a toggle split pane mode, with the options to do a vertical, horizontal or no split at all, just like the classic Gmail. With this option available, you get a better preview of the selected emails. The are that includes the mails and the preview pane is re-sizable, so you can easily manage it with the divider between both of them. With this new feature, you can also easily reply to the emails because all the controls are available on the right corner of the screen.Here is a preview of the preview pane:)
Google Preview Pane

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