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Google Toolbar 7 for Internet Explorer 9

Google released the new Toolbar 7 for Internet Explorer 9. With the new personalized toolbar, Google will provide faster and cleaner search. The new toolbar has implemented the Toolbar instant feature, which provides instant search as you type in the search box, getting the results you want faster than ever.   Another feature is the Personalized Toolbar which includes the tools that you use often,and they stay visible on the toolbar.The tools that aren`t recently used , are moved to the “More” button. The other features brought into this new Toolbar are the Quick scroll, the Auto translation, Page...

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uTorrent 3.0 Released

The long awaited 3.0 version of uTorrent is finally released.The new updated version introduces ratings, comments and streaming. The various new features, were tested over the last months, so the uTorrent team hopes that with this new improvements they will target even larger audience. The new options to rate and comment on the torrent files was the most required feature. Many are skeptics that with this options available, the spammers will be put up on pedestal, but the vast of the users see this as a very useful feature. Users can also rate the torrents, which in companion with...

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Chrome will be the best listener

While Mozilla was busy counting the downloads of its latest release, Internet Explorer was jealous :),and Opera was disappointed because no one was paying any attention on its new Opera 11 version,Chrome was working silently and boom…New Beta version with feature cooler than ever. Google has added to Chrome`s Beta channel speech to text feature, which transcribes voice to text in Web applications via HTML5. When a web page is using this feature, all you have to do is talk to your computer and Google sends it to its servers where the voice is translated in text and typed...

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Mozilla Foxier than ever

Yesterday Mozilla Firefox released the final version of Firefox 4, which already gained over 5 million downloads. According to the statistics, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9,also recently released, reached a total of 2.3 million downloads in the first 24 hours. I guess the new Mozilla browser is twice as foxier as Internet Explorer 9:). The latest version of Mozilla Firefox introduces a new look,new features for more efficient navigation and improvements to the Java Script engine,which made Firefox’s speed six time faster than the previous releases.Check out the new features on Mozilla Firefox web site.I will not tell you the...

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Are you in for a S.N.A.K?

Let me introduce you a new gadget designed for the Facebook addicts, the Social Network Access Keyboard. With 19 different Facebook shortcut keys,this design is targeted to the Facebook status likers and picture updaters. This keyboard requires installation of software, which controls the shortcut keys, placed on the both sides of the keyboard. The keys allow you to go right to the part where you create group or change privacy settings. The idea behind this 30$ nonsense is that despite the Facebook layout, you can always easily like someone’s status or upload pictures very quickly.  My opinion is that the...

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