Facebook Video Call

Facebook Video Chat is Official!

After the announcement of the partnership with Skype, the Social Network announced the new feature, Facebook Video Call. The Facebook users now will be able to make video calls directly to their Facebook friends. All you have to do is just download a tiny plug-in file, which is installed without requiring a browser restart. After that installation, you will get this new icon on your Facebook page.

Facebook Video Call
Facebook Video Call

Mark Zuckerberg announced group chat and a redesigned layout for Facebook chat. This would be a great way also for the business,which will make their companies more social. Skype has also integrated Facebook into their Skype desktop program, meaning that more than 750 million Facebook users will be able to use Skype for video chat. This is a big bonus for Microsoft, as now they will have 750 million potential new users (Facebook users). Here is a short demonstration from Zuckerberg, in which he explains the new service that brings together the two most popular consumer services.

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