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Gmail Gets a Preview Pane

Today Google improved the mail with an additional feature in the Labs department :) called a Preview Pane. I`m sure all of the users of Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo mail are familiar with this option, but it`s every time more exciting when Google has one :) A +1 for this one :) As we said, you can enable this feature in the Labs section, where next to the right corner you will get a toggle split pane mode, with the options to do a vertical, horizontal or no split at all, just like the classic Gmail. With this option...

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Facebook for Business

Well this is a big surprise.. Noot :) I wonder what took Facebook so long to launch this “unexpected” upgrade. After dealing with many critics about Google +, and how people couldn`t set up a business accounts, Facebook decided to do a little correction to the mistakes Google made. So here we are, we got Facebook for Business. It`s pretty much the same Facebook, with the same features as the existing one. The difference is that now the businesses can easily create pages and they will be provided with all the information and steps they need to get things...

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Radeon HD 6990M launched

Today, AMD announced the Radeon HD 6990M, which is the most powerful mobile GPU yet. This chip has a clock speed of 715 MHz, can crunch up to 1.6 TFLOP/s, and supports up to 2GB of DDR5 memory. With this release AMD demolished the myth that when it comes to mobile computing, you will have to make a performance compromise. Radeon HD 6990M also features Microsoft DirectX11 and Stereo3D support. It represents a significant upgrade from AMD`s current gaming notebook graphics solution. With the suport of DirectX, the gamers can expect ultra-fast frame rates and excellent image quality. This...

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It is a new application which saves you the time you “paste something”. Let me explain. This new application enables you to ctr-c something, and after that, the toolbar appears with all the available options and locations to go to. For example, if you are reading something, and there is a word you are not familiar with, you simply ctr-c it, and go to Wikipedia, where you can find the meaning of this word. If you are reading some e-book, and you find some quote you really like, and you want to post it on Twitter, you can...

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Nokia is Testing the Solar Powered Cellphone

This Nokia project takes place in Sweden, Kenya, the Arctic and the middle of the Baltic Sea, which includes beta testers that are proving the usability of this new cell phone. The project will last three months, and in this period Nokia will try to see if it would be a good idea to develop cheap and effective cell phone that will work on sun power. Their first prototype is called Lokki, which uses a stick-on solar panel combined with a data logger. So far, they are not very optimistic about this project, considering the many issues that are...

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