Why People Quit Social Media?

Today, the social media platforms sucks our most of time and giving us magnificent entertaining. But in recent days, some young adults and teenagers are switched from social media sites like Face book, Twitter and some other apps due to the changes that have affected their lives. Over the past decades, the social media websites seem to have a rapid grown among all aged people across the globe. But according to the latest studies, many young people are quitting using the Face book. Based on a recent review, there are more than 11 million teenagers are leaving out the trenching Face book.

Quitting or deleting your social media can be an easy way. All you need to do is to just go to the account settings, tap on a delete button and then watch your profile go into a collection of zeroes. However, it requires a little bit of effort and does the same procedure in all the social media networks. The internet is a best at remembering things. Before deleting, the social media users can also backup their data and everything on a web. Principally, it is a very big as well as difficult job, but you can seek help. At present, there are many very good reasons available to delete your social media profiles, but it could be quite a hard thing for some people.

Reasons for why social media is so dangerous

One of the most harmful assets of social media system is getting to the location based social media platform. Definitely, this location based social media is more dangerous than you may think. Actually, it poses the top privacy risk for those who use this service. So, it cannot be underestimated in any form, way or shape. People who are frequently using the location based social Medias; they could cause themselves a powerful threat in the future. Apart from this, many of the people are using the social media platforms for marketing and advertising purposes. This means that the social media systems are continually trying to receive information and popularity as much as you want. If the social system is able to receive the plenty of information about an individual, they can easily find that the individual who will purchase a product or service.

Things could happen when you quit social media

Quitting the social media is a worth noting point, but there are so many reasons behind to quit. Some of the major reasons for quitting social media are listed below:

  • It is an addictive habitat
  • It degrade the quality of content and information you get
  • It facilitates the damaging activities
  • It also wastes a large amount of time for the users
  • It costs the real world friendships
  • It is more depressing than any habits
  • It also dulls your mental sharpness
  • It is really monotonous

Hence forth, once you decide to quit the social media; you should take and follow the procedure to get out from it. If you are struggling with on using any social media accounts, it is better to quit it and be relaxed.



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