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Are the 280 Character Tweets a Good Idea?

The 140 character tweets were obviously not enough for the “tweeting population” , so they decided to double it. After they run a test on the audience, they discovered that the 280 characters would be a good way for the twitter users to express their opinion. It is not just that, the analysis showed that the tweeting would be much faster, because people will spend less time thinking if their thoughts will exceed the limit of 140 characters. This option however, will not apply in all countries, because according to the statistics, the Asian twitting population are using approximately...

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Let it Snow on Your Screen

Google, Google, you always find something to cheer us up:) Well here is something fresh that Google invented for the upcoming holiday season. For the snow lovers, just type “let it snow” in the Google search bar and it will start to snow immediately, and after a while, the screen will be covered with frost, so you can “write” on it with the mouse, just like on a frozen car windows. When you get bored, there is a Defrost button in the right corner. Enjoy the fun, I know i...

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Yahoo Fired its CEO

The news is all over the internet, mainly because it is very humiliating, but who are we to judge, when we do not know what was really happening? Therefore, the CEO of Yahoo, Carol Bartz,after 21 years of financial lethargy was fired over the phone, by the Chairman Roy Bostock and she confirmed that rumor by sending an email to the Yahoo employees. In meantime, the chief financial officer at Yahoo, Tim Morse will take her place, until they find someone else. In less than four years, Yahoo replaced three CEO`s, and it that time Yahoo lost most of...

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The Portege Z830 by Toshiba

Finally, Toshiba announced its Ultrabook model,a little bit overpriced. It is the Portege Z830 model, that will be available from November his year. It features a 13.3 LED backlit display with resolution of 1366×768 pixels. The CPU consists of Intel Core 13,15 or 17 processor. The Ram is not specified. It has a Intel HD 3000 graphic technology and 128GB SSD. It has spill resistant keyboard, 1.3 megapixel webcam, fingerprint reader and on its right side it has 2xUSB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0 ports, HDMI and VGA. It weights 1,13 kg and is 15.9 mm thick. The sound system...

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Why Should I Tag Friends and Locations in my Facebook Status?

Yes my dear friends, why should you do that? Just this morning, I upgraded my Facebook status options, and I got a free tour to the “endless” options and benefits I will have if I choose to click upgrade. So as an observer of the ” How far the human stupidity can go” scam, I accepted the tour, and I have been explained by the Facebook team, that now I have new options available. Please do not be disturbed by the pictures I will add to this post, because in the end, I am just a writer, trying to...

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