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New to Mozilla Firefox? New to the chance to kit out your web browser? Well did you know that you are more likely to  spend more time on the internet that you are on the road! When you are spending this amount of time on the web why not make it easier for yourself to do whatever it is you do online. The Mozilla community offers an amazingly diverse collection of add-ons that allow you to do everything from check the weather, monitor online auctions, listen to music, and find amazing new websites.

This week the add-ons total has reached 1billion add-ons. Now correct me if I am wrong but that is a lot of add-ons.

To make things easier for new (and old) users to customize their browser Mozilla has created a super simple application to Fashion your Firefox.

One of the great things about the Fashion Your Firefox application is that it allows users to bundle a bunch of different add-ons together all at once.  In essence, it’s like having a shopping cart that you can use to select any add-on from the Fashion Your Fox application, “check-out” with just one click, and after a quick Firefox restart, have a whole new browser that’s made just for you!

So if you are intending to use this application then come back and give us a shout telling us what type of Firefox add-on you are. I know that I’m a bit of a “Digital Pack Rat” myself.

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