New Kid On The Block

That’s right, the new kid on the block is Google’s newest creation. The Chrome web browser. What is it about some companies, especially those in the technology industry, that inspire enthusiasm and love, not only among those who work for them but the millions of customers as well? Is it just me or is it strange how people who wouldn’t dream of falling in love with their bank or local supermarket develop such an attachment to products and technologies that emerge from companies such as Apple, Nokia, Nintendo, and (dare I say it,) even Microsoft.

Google's Logo on the sept 10th 2008

Over the last decade or so Google has be one of the largest of these inspiring companies with one of the biggest fan bases ever for an on-line based company. It all started when Google came out and was instantly so much better at its job as a search engine than any of its competitors, not only that but the fact that this engine was seen to be the smart, scrappy, youngster taking on the big boys.

When it arrived on the stock market it reinforced that radical image. The first line of its so-called “Owner’s Manual for Shareholders” read:

“Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one.”

There was much talk at the time about Google giving the world access to information and great play was made of the company’s ethical stance, summed up with the motto “Don’t be evil.”

Over recent years Google has retained our affection by developing new tools for us all to use such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Earth to name but a few. But somehow I feel the love is no longer as it used to be, but more fading into the distance. Why?

Well that smart, scrappy, youngster has grown into a muscle-bound giant, which, in the eyes of some web developer pygmies, is now the big boy and a bit of a bully in the playground that is the world wild web. Constantly expanding, constantly taking others thunder with their “New Technology” looking to be more productive than anyone else – but radicaly falling into an advertizing monster with as much domination in some areas of the online market as Microsoft has over operating systems.

It may paint itself as a champion of open-source but, users of its “new kid on the block” were quick to ask questions about some scary terms and conditions, since amended by Google.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Is Chrome just an attempt to push browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Oprea to the back of the line while Google take all the candy and dominance of yet another area of the world wild web? There is that concern, after all, Google is partnered with Mozilla so why make yet another competitor?

However, all of those happy, shiny, Googlers in their multi-coloured offices with the free muffins had better get used to one thing. The early passion of their users is fading. We’re now in a conventional, commercial relationship – and if someone else comes along offering something better, we could be going elsewhere. Fast.

On a lesser tone I would like to introdue another new kid to the block. Me! I am a new member of the Technoish team and will be making contributions to the news that you know and love from this amzing site. Adding my own twist to the news I hope to add another point of view to the now and happening developments online and in the computing industry.

I also hope to provide you with some useful tools that are often over looked or unheard of. Like what I add to Technoish? Then check out what I write when I have no boundries and head over to Brinkhusrt Design – Getting Personal.

Hope you enjoyed this post and keep your eyes out for my next article entitled Google World – a land of colour and fun.

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