Google Chrome Euphoria is Taking Over the World

I’m sure you have all noticed by now that our front page has been covered all over with Google Chrome Headlines. Well I must confess, Google’s mind-boggling game blew our “geeky” brain cells away. Three days after the release of Google Chrome I noticed that all we talk and write about is Google’s new Browser. But then from what I saw on digg’s front pages it was a relief. We are not alone, Digg’s front pages are all covered with titles about Google Chrome too.

And here are the statistics about the browser usage of our visitor of the second and third day after the Chrome’s release. Notice how close it is to IE’s precentage :)


Google Chrome Site Statistics
Google Chrome Site Statistics


I guess Google Chrome is taking over casual internet users much faster than we orginally thought. Watch out IE here comes Chrome!

3 thoughts on “Google Chrome Euphoria is Taking Over the World”

  1. Frankly I think that Chrome is going to hit Firefox’s share on the market rather than IE’s which is pretty inert. I’d like to see the market divided between browsers by 15-20% holding each, thought. This 80% situation with IE is ridiculous.

  2. I agree with Hanky, Chrome will most likely hurt Firefox in the short term. Most people that I know who use Chrome were using Firefox before. The majority of IE users just use it because it came with their computer ;)

  3. I forgot to mention, on my blog, IE is still ahead with a good margin. Here are the shares for the last week(~50,000 visitors): Firefox: 70.6%, IE: 12.6%, Chrome: 7.6%.

    It’s still amazing and it’s catching up every week. My readers are quite tech savy, as my blog is about computers and building the best computer for a given price.

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