Fujitsu and Sun Microsystems Extend Sparc64 Processor Family

Fujitsu and Sun Microsystems are developing 8 core version of the Sparc64 processors. The companies gave assurance that this processor is going to be capable for work with all kinds of business applications. Yesterday on the Hot Chips conferention in California were presented some details of the for the processor and announced the launch date.  The octal core chip is extension of the quad core Sparc64 processors that were launched in July this year. They are going to be used in the Sparc Enterprise Servers with the Solaris 10 operating system or newer versions. According to the deal, Fujitsu and Sun develop these processors thogether but they will sell them independently from eachother. The code name of the project is Venus and it is going to be manufactured with 45nm technology. The chip is going to be capable of 128 gigaflops.

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