EU leads the way towards universal charging with USB-C

The European Union has passed the long-awaited law introducing the USB-C standard. As per the legislation, all companies must use only USB C standards in all their devices, whether a smartphone or laptop. By 2024, this will be implemented for all the technology companies, including Samsung and Apple, so that people can get rid of proprietary ports and connectors. People can quickly charge their devices using only one charger, and with the same port, they can connect multiple accessories.

This law implies that all the technology companies, especially Apple, only use the lightning charger instead of USB-C. However, apple gravitated from using the lightning charger to the USB C charger for a wide range of devices such as iPad 10 and tablets. It generated the most significant revenue; not only that, still; the iPhone worked only on the lightning interface. So European Union has mainly targeted only those companies manufacturing different charges for different devices. So let’s see what European Union has made all changes.

What happened in the European Union case on USB-C?

Finally, the day has come European Union has approved and given the provision to manufacture only USB type C ports. All mobile devices company have to follow this rule and manufacture products such as laptops, smartphones, cameras and many more only with the USB type C charger. As per the laws, companies have to stick only to one standard port for connecting and charging different accessories.

At the beginning of the year, the European Union agreed to use only USB-type C ports. It has been mandatory for all the different types of smartphones available. So by 2024, all the companies will supply only USB type C ports. Any company that tries to break the law has to face severe consequences. All the cameras, laptops, smartphones and tablets manufactured in Europe will feature only USB type C. All companies must provide a laptop with only a USB-C charger until April 2026.

As per the load, wired charging devices must use USB type C. For example, headphones, portable speakers, keyboards, gaming consoles, mice, earbuds and GPS trackers. However, it will affect the companies using lightning ports and micro USB, for example, iPhones. However, it’s essential to bring the USB type C board in all technological devices because it can reduce the use of plastic saving the environment. So basically, USB has been implemented because of its eco-friendly nature.

USB-C charging port

Starting in 2024, all the types of cameras, cell phones, and tablets sold in the European Union should use only USB-type C ports for charging. Below is the list of some of the devices that are coming under this law of the European Union:

  • Cell phones 
  • E-readers
  • Tablets
  • Digital cameras
  • Video gaming consoles 
  • Headphones and earbuds
  • Portable speakers 
  • Navigation system
  • Wireless keyboards and mouse

In short, by the end of spring 2026, all the computers should consist of USB type C ports, and this rule is not only for computers but should be obligated by the laptop companies. That means you won’t have to look for your charger shortly. You can borrow the charger from anyone, as all will be the same.

Wireless charging

Regardless of which company tablet, cell phone, camera headset, or headphone you use, it should be charged with only a USB type C cable. If you are using wireless headphones or earbuds, then it should also contain the USB type C port. However, the size of the case of the earbuds supports the USB type C port. One thing to note here is that a laptop that can operate 800 should also have a USB type C port.

Devices that support the fast charging system will have the same charging speed so that all the users can charge their gadgets at the same speed. If you need to remember to bring your charger, you can take the help of the other person or your friend by charging your device with the same charger. It will also decrease the need to have multiple chargers in a home.

Freedom of choice and Pictogram

To ensure that the users are pretty clear about the things they purchase. The directive needs to have a pictogram indicating what type of charger has been included in the device. Apart from this, devices are also labelled, indicating the charge capacity.

Moreover, the directive allows the user to choose between the new device. If they need to, why are the device without or with chargers? The purpose of doing so depends on the Union Commission. It will allow users to save money and decrease the amount of electronic waste Depending upon the transportation, disposal and production of chargers. After four years, when the directive entered again into force, the Commission would decide whether the unbundling must be mandatory.

The measure is passed due to the Council approving the European Legislature’s stance today. After being signed by the leaders of the European Council, the agreement will be posted in the journal of the EU and become effective 20 days after that. Just after the regulation enters into force, all new regulations will take effect 24 months later.

How the USB charger reduces e-waste?

So as we already know that the EU has passed a law mandatary the use of USB type C ports in all technological devices. Considering the current scenario, using the standardised charger will lower the manufacturing cost. Due to increased efficiency, there are chances that it will lower the price, which will encourage people to purchase even more chargers. People will start buying a charger for different rooms and different devices because of decreasing rate. However, it will not work like that because most people will start sharing the same charger, thus reducing the manufacturing cost.

Apart from this, using a USB type C charger will make the process of recycling and repairing electronic devices more accessible. However, the old charges are never reused and repaired. Old chargers are primarily in an empty drawer or will go into the trash. However, if they go into the recycling centre, they will use it to create other household products.

Chargers are composed of different materials, but most commonly copper, the favourite material for making chargers. Many companies are also working on making recyclable chargers to reduce e-waste. However, there has not been any product That could be called as eco-friendly. However, one laptop of Acer has been regarded as the most fantastic eco-conscious. Although this standardisation will make it convenient to build the charger, some companies are trying to improve the recovered material quality.

The introduction of the same charger rule by the European Union will decrease the usage of chargers. Because every single product, whether a smartphone or laptop, will work on the same USB type C charger. All companies must follow this rule and try to make only eco-friendly products. So as soon as we enter 2024, we all will witness that all the devices have the same USB port.

Impact of the new law by the EU on Apple?

The European Union has set new laws Mandating the use of USB type C ports in all electronic devices. This process will start by the end of 2024. Some companies might need help to leave their lightning charger and purchase other ones. This new policy might be very challenging, especially for Apple, because Apple devices are controlled using lightning chargers.

Although the iPad and MacBook have the USB C connector port. However, you won’t find the USB-C port on the iPhone. Recently iPhone 14 was released by the company. Similar to the previous version, there is no change in the charging part. You have to buy a lightning charger to charge your mobile phone.

On Tuesday, a live conference happened at Wall Street in which the vice president of apple and the marketing head Greg Joswiak was called. He said that our company would also comply with the laws of the EU—indicating that next year iPhone 15 will come with a USB-type C port. However, the company has already planned to make headphones and earphones compatible with USB C chargers.

Summing Up

On Monday, members of the EU passed the law of using only USB type C chargers in different types of devices. That means all devices, including smartphones, headphones, earbuds, and many more will work only with USB type C chargers. That means they must add a USB type C port in all their devices. This case has been running for the past ten years, and several EU legislative members have voted towards implementing the law.

The purpose of this law is to reduce the amount of e-waste. Moreover, Apple has suffered dramatically because all its smartphones come with lightning chargers. However, the vice president of Apple has already made it clear that it will follow your rules. Therefore, next year we will see iPhone 15 with a USB type C port. However, people already using the type C charger might not need to change the charger.

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