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Asus ROG Flow X13 – The Best 13-Inch Laptop on the Market

ASUS continues to advance in its commitment to developing new portable equipment that increasingly adjusts to the demands of gamers but could very much appeal to creative people as well. Within the framework of this goal, the brand has been incorporating a number of innovations for its devices.

Now the brand has presented its ROG Flow X13, it is one of the most powerful and functional gaming laptops available in the market. This model incorporates AMD technology with the 8-core Ryzen 9 5980HS processor and is further powered by an Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU.

With this model, the brand ratifies its commitment to designing equipment for powerful gamers that are widely accessible. At first glance, this model has the appearance of an ultrabook with a discreet design and finish, along with the dimensions of a small PC.

Thin Modern Design and a Not So-Bright Display

The device works with a 13.4-inch touchscreen with 4K resolution, 60 Hz frequency, and a brightness of 350 nits, which is a bit disappointing, as it can struggle sometimes in bright light environments. As bonus points, this panel is Pantone certified, plus Gorilla Glass protection and Adaptive-Sync support.

It should be reiterated that this model is extremely thin (1.5 cm thick) and very light (weighs 1.3 kg). In fact, this machine also has a design that makes it convertible, thanks to a 360° hinge, which allows you to transform the equipment into a tablet or adjust the angle of the screen according to the needs of the user.

While using tablet mode it is also possible to use the ASUS Pen to draw, take notes or just operate the laptop. Similarly, the fingerprint reader is integrated with the power button so logging in or unlocking the computer only requires a simple touch.

Powerful Hardware

This model has an AMD Ryzen 9 5980HS CPU with 8 cores and 16 threads, which provides the power required to play demanding video games and to perform demanding tasks such as 3D design or video editing.

This configuration is complemented by 16 GB of LPDDR4X-4266 RAM that helps to further boost the performance of the system, especially to execute multitasking tasks smoothly. Finally, the device has a PCIe SSD hard drive of up to 1 TB of capacity, which provides ample storage space and a high speed when running the games.

ROG XG Mobile

It should be noted that the design of this device helps to make it very easy to connect to the pc, in addition to offering extra power for video games the equipment is optimized to be very easy to transport.

This equipment also arrives with extra reinforcement in graphic processing power, as it has an external graphic card. The ROG XG Mobile module incorporates an Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card (ROG Boost at 1810 MHz and 150 W), which is connected to the laptop thanks to a combined PCIe 3.0 (x8) and USB-C port.

This module weighs no more than 1 kg must be connected to an external power source (280 W source), but this connection also allows to charge the battery of the laptop pc.


In addition to the graphics power of the RTX 3080, this team has several extra ports, including an HDMI 2.0b,a DisplayPort 1.4 with support for G-Sync, four USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 ports, an SD card slot (on one side), and a Gigabit Ethernet port. Wide connectivity but in the end, even with the eGPU connected.

In fact, in the box of the Asus ROG Flow X13 is also added a USB-C to Ethernet adapter.

By testing this configuration, the team delivers smooth performance with demanding titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator, Cyberpunk 2077, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. In the same way, it should be noted that the ventilation system does not emit noise that interferes with the gaming experience.

Great Audio With Dolby Atmos

Move to its small size and that its design does not show visible speakers at the top, this laptop offers a good sound system. The speakers are located at the bottom and despite their location, they are able to provide a powerful and balanced sound when playing music or playing a game.

This system also allows you to have clear audio during a video call or when playing multimedia content from the pc.

Optimized Battery Life

The manufacturer incorporated a lithium-ion battery of 4 cells and 62 W, which can provide about 6 hours of autonomy. Considering that the equipment works with a bright and high-resolution screen, along with a powerful processor and a graphics card, the device offers good performance in terms of battery.

It should be noted that energy recharge has been optimized by a system with fast charging technology of 100 W via USB-C, in addition to the standard charger that is compact and light so it will not be uncomfortable the task of recharging the battery.

A Well-Designed and Comfortable Keyboard

Although this device was designed to offer a high-level gamer experience, it must be recognized that the manufacturer tried to offer a computer with a well-designed and comfortable keyboard to write for several hours.

The distribution and separation between the keys is quite functional, they also fit very well to the extra buttons that provide shortcuts to functions for controlling the sound or managing pc performance.


In conclusion, we are facing a well-designed team with a power that is designed to satisfy demanding users and is what is expected when taking into account the price of the pc. It also highlights the commitment of Asus to offer a portable pc gamer that tries to provide a tablet mode that opens space to other creative options thanks to its stylus.

The Ryzen 9 processor of the Zen 3 family, meets the workload imposed on it and the behavior of the GTX 1650 graphics card allows you to perform design and editing tasks without problems.

In addition, this configuration ensures a smooth gaming experience at the highest possible quality, especially when the eGPU is connected with an RTX 3080 that gives the necessary power to make the most of the 4K screen of the PC.

In short, this is a product that lives up to its value.

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