The Dell Inspiron N5010 is intended for the casual family guy and a bit more advanced, but lazy geeky guy who doesn’t care much about the features and performances. It’s still a serious machine, with the new I5 processor it can hold on a decent overload, much heavier than a few word-processors, browsers and skype. This all around notebook can also be used for serious graphic softwave as well. With the ATI HD 5650 it can be also used for gaming, and by gaming I mean playing the most recent DirectX 11 games with your geekier buddie. And at this price it is a great value for the money.


I must mention something I didn’t like at this model, and that is the idea to use the rear side to put ports, and just any ports, but two of the three USB ports which are very further apart. I’m sure you all must own a portable hdd and as you know most of the larger capacity ones must be powered by two USB ports. Here is how you would plug in one of those on the Dell Inspiron N5010, a bit of a pain huh? Luckily my Y-cable was long enough to plug it in.


Dell Inspiron N5010 USB Ports

Dell Inspiron N5010 USB Ports Bad Placement


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