Mozilla Firefox 6

Mozila Firefox 6 released

Mozilla Firefox 6After the great success with the Firefox 5, Mozzilla released the Firefox 6 version. In comparison with the previous version there are no major changes.It does not bring any changes in the User Interface, but apparently, this version of Mozilla is 20% faster than the old one, which also results in better start up time when using Panorama. Also, the Developer menu have been updated, and with the new Java Script Scratchpad you can execute the Java Script code. The font rendering is improved. In the adress bar, the domain names of the web sites that you are visiting are highlighted. This version lets you control cookies, pop-out windows, password protection etc.It provides a better plugin management and HTML5 support.The new version of Mozilla Firefox 6 is available for download on Windows, Linux and MAC via the Mozilla FTP servers. According to the previous releases, I guess we will be seeing new versions of Mozilla Firesox every six weeks. The previous version was released on 18th June, therefore, we are expecting Mozilla Firefox 7 on September 27th.

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