Is Social Media Bad for Our Mental Health?

Today, most of the young people are spending most of their leisure time on social media. They are more vulnerable to low self esteem, peer pressure and also mental ill health. According to several studies, the increased use of social media can cause so many health related problems to people that include suicide risks, sleep problems, depression, eating concerns and anxiety and so on. Some of the particular characteristics of social media, which may contributes to these negative effects that include:

  • Self vulnerable content and suicide
  • Cyber bullying
  • Social isolation
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Moreover, one of the most common social media activities is viewing profiles of other people. This will frequently describe the modified versions of other people’s lives that include only screening pictures in which the person appears very beautiful. This could be worse made by the social endorsement that offered by more number of likes. Apart from this, the potential negative impacts of social media on young people are getting a lot of attention. Some of the risks identified as potential effects are copycat events, contagion and also sharing unwanted information like suicide methods, suicide related behavior and also engage in suicidal behavior.

Negative effects of social media for your mental health

According to the recent survey of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the potential negative effects of social media in young adults and teenagers are increasing such as Face book depression and cyber bullying and so on. Across the generations, these risks might be very true for the adults. This is why stated that the social media is not very good for the strongest mental well being and also pretty damaging too. Based on the academic studies, the main use of social media is connected to depression, feelings of isolation and low self esteem among the youngsters and teens. Hence forth, the social media can be dangerous to human’s mental health, but it has been proposed that the users are enhanced their well being by just posting many comments as well as updates.

Why dangerous consequences are caused by social networking?

Presently, there are several counts of unpleasant effects associated with the social networks, so every social media user should be cautious. It is not a surprising quote that the social media pastime can cause extreme addiction to people. The addiction increases; due to the fact that the activity of social media can stimulate the pleasure center in your brain. Once the people tap on ‘Like’ button on your page, make comments on your picture or reply to your comments. On the other hand, the social networking is also one of the easiest and fastest ways of having a great fun due to the easy access of social network, so the strong addiction might occur. When people feel bored, they can be used to visit the Face book or Twitter page and keep their mind free from any problems and also keep their hand busy. At last, this habitual action can be turned into an utmost addiction.

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