Fennec – a Browser for Netbooks?

By William | Tech News

Dec 24
Fennec Browser for Netbooks

Fennec Browser for NetbooksOn monday (dec 22nd) Mozilla released the second development version of their mobile browser Fennec. However, this may be a browser being developed for mobile phone use but could this browser move into a new area of the computing wolrd? Say… netbooks for example?
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Hanky December 25, 2008

Finnaly some good news. Firefox and Chrome plain sucked on the 9 inch displays of the netbooks. I own Acer aspire one and im having a hard time with firefox or any other browser especially since youtube put their wide videos. Thanks for the info cheers :)

admin January 21, 2009

Wow, finally! I’ve waited for fennec for so long! I too own an acer aspire one, and I use chrome all the time, because it has a lot of space, but sometimes it displays pages with horizontal scroll and its kinda annoying. Will try give this a try right now, thanks for bringing the news!

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