Bad News for the UK, Music is Winning the Digital War!?

There is very nearly some very good news for the music industry in the UK. The Digital Music Surrvey 2008 recently released a press release that suggests that a large number of us people here in the UK will soon be unable to download and share our music with others over the internet :o. This press release was given a headline to turn heads and that it is doing.

“Light in the tunnel for the music industry: revenue opportunities are increasing, illegal downloading is down.”

I really don’t think so myself, and, IF this is true, it wont be for much longer. I know for a fact that this war is still a very mixed picture. There are signs that threats of action against illegal downloaders is having an effect but there is still a lot of evidence that the music-buying (or not buying but “sharing”) public is very underwhelmed by the legal digital offerings.

The figures are pretty inconclusive anyway. Illegal downloads down from 43% of the sample last year to 39%  in 2008.

Now how do I know that IF illegal music downloads are down and there may be an increase in revenue opportunities in the music retail industry, that this will not last for long. Well let me explain. I am a member of the UK teenage group. We are a generation who are obsessed with music and with paying as little as posible. iTunes and other online music sources (that are legal) just dont have the range of music we want and so, we will look elsewhere. It is also very expensive as a teenager to by the latest CDs and keep up with the music we like on the wages/pocket cash we get due to the big, so-called, “CREDIT CRUNCH”.

We will find a way around the system, our generation is one of cunning and skill with a computer never before seen on such a large level. So can the music industry really win this fight? I wont tell you my opinion for the moment (although you may have worked it out by now :P), but I do want to hear your opinion on the situation and for those of you reading this who are not in the UK what is the situation like for you?

I want to find all of this out and release a follow-up article so post your responses and opinions in the comments and you could be in with the chance of getting mentioned in my next post!:3

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