Are the 280 Character Tweets a Good Idea?

The 140 character tweets were obviously not enough for the “tweeting population” , so they decided to double it. After they run a test on the audience, they discovered that the 280 characters would be a good way for the twitter users to express their opinion. It is not just that, the analysis showed that the tweeting would be much faster, because people will spend less time thinking if their thoughts will exceed the limit of 140 characters. This option however, will not apply in all countries, because according to the statistics, the Asian twitting population are using approximately 15 characters per tweet.

Although this change seems like a good idea, there is always a risk that Twitter will become a place with overload crap, where people will spam the space with many links and other stuff we do not really need to see. The analysis showed that only 2% of the people used more than 180 characters, so that is one comfort in this new situation. We really do hope that Twitter will remain as pleasant as it is now and people will continue to tweet normal amount of words and remember the old one ” Less is more.”

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