A Lot of Bugs Reported on IE8 Beta 2

By Igor | Tech News

Sep 01

One day after Microsoft released Internet Explorer beta 2 numerous reports of faults, errors and warnings during the installation, sites and services that are incompatible, are submitted. This behavior is expected of beta software but some problems appear to exist within Microsoft services themselves. So users running Windows XP SP3 are not able to downgrade to IE7 without uninstalling SP3 first. Depending on which version of Windows you have there are specific steps of installing or removing the browser. Vista users must have SP1 installed before they install Internet Explorer beta 2. There are also problems reported with ClearType, exiting out of Windows Live Mail (Hotmail), and various problems with the search. Most of the issues can be found in knowledgebase artice 949787. You can dowload it here and test it yourself.

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