Microsoft Released Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

On Wednesday Microsoft released new test version of Internet Explorer 8. This browser holds about 75 percent of the IE8 market share. Previously in March they released beta 1 version that was aimed at letting Web developers check out the new browser. The latest release is beta 2 and its aimed at broader consumer audience. They still haven’t announced the date of the final release nor estimation of how many users are expected to download the test version of the browser. Although Microsoft has pledged to deliver more regular updates of Internet Explorer, whose lead has been threatened by Mozilla’s Firefox, it still haven’t achieved the agility of deploying them like most of the modern browsers.

This version of Internet Explorer replicates some features found in Firefox 3, such as “smart” adress bar that remembers and redirects user to website addresses they have visited before. Internet Explorer 8 also offers a mode called “InPrivate Browsing”. When this mode is active, – the history, cookies, temp files etc are not stored on user’s PC. There is also a security option that allows you to block third parties anonimous usage statistics. Internet Explorer is avalaible for download at

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