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Nokia is Testing the Solar Powered Cellphone

This Nokia project takes place in Sweden, Kenya, the Arctic and the middle of the Baltic Sea, which includes beta testers that are proving the usability of this new cell phone. The project will last three months, and in this period Nokia will try to see if it would be a good idea to develop cheap and effective cell phone that will work on sun power. Their first prototype is called Lokki, which uses a stick-on solar panel combined with a data logger. So far, they are not very optimistic about this project, considering the many issues that are...

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Facebook Video Chat is Official!

After the announcement of the partnership with Skype, the Social Network announced the new feature, Facebook Video Call. The Facebook users now will be able to make video calls directly to their Facebook friends. All you have to do is just download a tiny plug-in file, which is installed without requiring a browser restart. After that installation, you will get this new icon on your Facebook page. Mark Zuckerberg announced group chat and a redesigned layout for Facebook chat. This would be a great way also for the business,which will make their companies more social. Skype has also integrated...

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Google Wallet v.s PayPal

A few days ago, Google introduced the new mobile payment system with Google Wallet. For those who are not familiar, Google Wallet is a mobile app that stores your credit cards, offers, loyalty and gift cards, and you can pay with it using your phone and Near Field Communication s(NFC). This is a great deal for Google, and a lot of big companies like Mater Card, Citi, Sprint and First Data have invested in this open platform software. It is a great way of encouraging discounts, promotions and loyalty rewards. Customers are very exited about this new feature, but...

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Evernote Extension for Google Chrome

Don`t you hate it when you see all the open tabs on your PC, especially in Chrome? Well, there is finally a solution, the Evernote extension for Google Chrome. It is a great alternative for bookmarks. Once installed, Evernote will store the content you like in a free online account. There are two ways for saving the content you like. One way is by selecting the content and then just click on the green elephant icon placed on the address bar. The other way is right-click on the selected content, and select the Evernote`s file saving option from the...

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Facebook Allows Tagging Pages in Photos

Starting May 11th, users will be able to tag pages into their photos. This new feature will allow growth of the channel for Pages. Facebook is allowing only Pages categorized as “Brands and Products” or “People” to be tagged(this option will be expanded in near future). Users can tag any Page, whether they are fun of that Page or not. Tagged photos will appear in the Photos tab of that Page, and Page admins can remove photos from the tab in Edit Page> Posting Options and unchecking “Users can add photos”. When tagged, that Page will be exposed to...

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