Apr 02

List of Most Used Mobile Applications

By Angelina | Apps

Today, each and every person starts using a smart phone device or tablet from Android or iOS in order to enjoy the features and benefits of the different mobile apps. When it comes to the smart mobile apps, Google and Facebook dominate everything. At the same time, there are thousands of smart phone applications available […]

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Mar 31

Samsung Galaxy 8 Review

By Angelina | Hardware , Reviews

Nowadays everything keeps on changing to the modern life style. So it is the correct time for you also to stay updated up with the new latest smart phones. You may really think why there is a need for you to shift up your mobile phone that too with the latest Samsung Galaxy 8. Why […]

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Mar 27

5G – Why Should we Expect it?

By Angelina | Tech News

Everything around us had been changed to the new once within a fraction of second everything goes upside down. The use of the superfast 4G mobile data services had been still increasing up and developing in both the coverage as well as in the speed capabilities. The works are under processing you can expect the […]

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Mar 24

Is Artificial Intelligence Getting Better?

By Angelina | Tech News

Yes off course the artificial intelligence is getting better nowadays. The artificial intelligence would make the machine to learn from experience and adjust to new input to perform the human task. In everything you can able to find out the implementation of AI from chess playing computers till the self driving cars. For making use […]

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Mar 21

Why People Quit Social Media?

By Angelina | Social Media

Today, the social media platforms sucks our most of time and giving us magnificent entertaining. But in recent days, some young adults and teenagers are switched from social media sites like Face book, Twitter and some other apps due to the changes that have affected their lives. Over the past decades, the social media websites […]

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Mar 18

Top 5 Crypto Currencies at the Moment

By Angelina | Tech News

Due to its rapidly growing popularity, 2018 will be the best chances for crypto currencies. So, most of the people are ready to invest in the digital currencies without any obstacles. At present, the adoption of bitcoins are one of the fastest spreading among the different financial devotees in all over the globe. But the […]

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Mar 15

Top 3 Budget Phones for 2018

By Angelina | Hardware

Successful business people and professionals these days invest in very expensive phones to show off their wealth to others. On the other hand, many people worldwide in our time seek how to take advantage of a hassle-free method to buy a budget smartphone. You may be one among people who explore budget phones available for […]

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