Apr 19

Is Social Media Bad for Our Mental Health?

By Angelina | Social Media

Today, most of the young people are spending most of their leisure time on social media. They are more vulnerable to low self esteem, peer pressure and also mental ill health. According to several studies, the increased use of social media can cause so many health related problems to people that include suicide risks, sleep […]

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Apr 16

Dell HPS 13 Detailed Review

By Angelina | Hardware , Reviews

In today’s digital world, the Dell’s HPS 13 is one of the most favorite laptop. It is highly impressed by people due to its excellent features such as attractive display, long durable battery life and slim dimensions and so on. This latest laptop model has been most prestigious ultra book that is going still powerful. […]

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Apr 13

How to get Instagram Followers?

By Angelina | Social Media

Instagram is a social networking app which is used to share photos, videos and to chat with families and friends. You can upload the photos and videos which you would like to share as original or can add effects to it while uploading as it provides various effects for editing purpose to add more beauty […]

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Apr 11

Find out the Best and Cool iPhone Covers

By Angelina | Tech Help

Phone cases can do plenty of things and it is especially designed to protect surface of your smartphone as well as protect from scratches. In a simple term, cases and cover is used for basic purpose of offering protection to mobile phone against scratches, damaged, moisture and environment. In a present world, huge range of […]

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Apr 08

Tips When Buying a Smartphone

By Angelina | Hardware , Tech Help

Buying brand new smartphone is considered as tricky task when you are not having sufficient knowledge about the tech features, availability of brands, price and their handsets. In a present world plenty of smartphone are available in online so you must follow some effective tips to pick best smartphone such as Platform Brand Design and […]

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