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Jan 15

9 Tips for a New Mac User

By Kiril Spasov | Tech Help

More and more people choose to use a Mac over a PC. And there is no surprise why because Macs are fast, trustworthy, and long-lasting computers. However, for some people, who have just recently upgraded from Windows to macOS, the new OS might be confusing and take time to take in. On the other hand, […]

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May 07

Tips for Choosing your VR Headsets

By Angelina | Hardware , Tech Help

Virtual reality headsets were introduced to have an awesome experience of virtual reality which takes you to the virtual world. It is a head mounted device mostly used by gamers who use to play virtual reality games also in other applications as well including simulators and trainers even used in medical field for training medical […]

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May 04

What to Consider when Buying a Drone?

By Angelina | Hardware

The sticker price of the drone product won’t give you the exact indicator of the machine’s quality. Although it does not provide an approximate, quick assessment of which the drone is better one than others. In general when you buy the more expensive drones then it ensures that they fly farther and longer and it […]

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