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Oct 12

The New and Improved EmotIcons

By William | Tech News

Some of you may have noticed some technical muck ups today, and for that I appologise. These technical muck ups were due to my intergrating our new EmotIcons system on the site. we now support a wider range of what people often call smilies including some brand new, bonus/hidden smilies. Below is a full list […]

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Sep 17


By William | Tech News

Some of you may have noticed our logo change today and some may have noticed some visual muck-ups, but today our friend over at Brinkhurst Design added our new logo to the site and made some modifications to the sites design. Our new logo adds a splash of colour to this rather dull grey design […]

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Sep 13

Me, Myself and Max

By William | Hardware

Yes thats right, another of my unconventional posts. This one is all about Me, Myself and Max. Max however is not a person, nor is Max an animal. Max is what I call my Maxtor BasicsTM External Desktop Hard Drive. Thats right. This post is all about my experience with my brand new external hard […]

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Sep 11

Don’t Forget The Milk

By William | Software

Is it not the worst thing when you get back home after a long days work, only to find out that there is no milk left? Wish that you had a simple way to keep an easy way to keep track of your tasks with times, dates, places and a map? And to top it […]

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