What’s Inside?

Dell Inspiron N5010 StickersWell hidden inside you can find the second generation dual core Intel Core I5-480M processor normally running at 2.66 GHz. As all 2nd generations it supports TurboBoost and HyperThreading technology which makes it work like a quad core. It’s a 32 nm architecture on an Intel Express HM57 chipset. Comparing to the HM6x chipset series it is a bit slower and lower class, which is a downside for this powerful I5 and ATI HD5650, but the upside is that it doesn’t consume too much power, an important factore for the casual family user.

Dell Inspiron N5010 AIDA64 cpuidThere is another pretty powerful component and that is the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 with it’s 1GB DDR3 1066MHz on it, it’s a beast for a middle class laptop. It supports DirectX 11 quite well and it can play most of the recent DX11 games, but not on full details of course. Although it has the same performance as it’s predecessor Radeon 4670, the  Radeon HD5650 has some advantages. With the new Avivo HD technology it can transfer audio of 8 channels through the HDMI port, and with Eyfinity it should support up to 6 monitors, but here this is not the case because it lacks the new DisplayPort. With only a HDMI and VGA display output it can power up only 2 monitors.