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The Netbook – Cloud Computers Are Here!

The news and many others are constantly telling us that cloud computing is on the horizon but I say no. I reckon that it is here already. I think that news stations and even the world needs to face up to the FACT that cloud computing isn’t yet to come but that it is already here. Here is something very simple to prove that. If you buy a new computer and it is not able to connect to the internet then in all essence you would say it is broken or in complete and just look for something else....

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Jump on the TMobile Soul Train!

Its not often commuters have a reason to start spontaneously dacing in the train station, but  the prospect of better cell phone service just might cause us to just that (given the proper soundtrack). T-Mobile’s feel good ad of the season transforms the woeful working class routine of going to the office into a lively, choreographed, case of boogie fever amidst the hustle and bustle of the Liverpool Street station. The lesson here is that “life’s for sharing”, whether it be text messages, the two-step or the mutual desire to never hear that Pussycat Dolls “Don’t ‘Cha” song ever...

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Ooops! Twitter learns a lesson in passwords

A few days ago GMZ (a hacker) helped himself to some high profile accounts on Twitter.:o Naughty, naughty hacker.:P This however is not the most amazing thing in the world nor is it, in itself that interesting, the intersting thing is how lax twitter are with their password security. The way he gained control of these acounts was ridiculusly simple. He found a highly active account on twitter. Which, later turned out to be that of a Twitter employee who had access to ALL acount passwords. He used an automated dictionary program that tries common English words as passwords....

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Fennec – a browser for netbooks?

On monday (dec 22nd) Mozilla released the second development version of their mobile browser Fennec. However, this may be a browser being developed for mobile phone use but could this browser move into a new area of the computing wolrd? Say… netbooks for example? Read Full and Original...

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Songbird – finally out of beta!

Songbird 1.0 is now available for download! Yeah. That’s right. Songbird is finally out of beta and is now on version 1.0! After using it for near enough a year now, possibly the best music player in the whole world is out of beta and I can post a full run down of the features. Now as the college DJ I have an enormous music library as you would expect. Well no other player I have used has ever handled my music quite so beautifully. Ever! So for those of you who are still using some outdated, inflexable and...

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