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Acer Aspire One vs MSI Wind U100 vs Asus Eee PC

Overview This is our first review. All kinds of comments, opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated and mostly welcomed. We managed to get our hands on two of the currently three available netbooks with the new Intel Atom processor, MSI Wind U100 and Acer Aspire One. We decided to compare the predecessor of them all, the Asus EEE PC 701 which came out in December 2007. Being an older and more of an experimental model, it is obvious that it is slightly out of the league, but we simply wanted you to see the difference and understand what is...

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Google Chrome Euphoria is Taking Over the World

I’m sure you have all noticed by now that our front page has been covered all over with Google Chrome Headlines. Well I must confess, Google’s mind-boggling game blew our “geeky” brain cells away. Three days after the release of Google Chrome I noticed that all we talk and write about is Google’s new Browser. But then from what I saw on digg’s front pages it was a relief. We are not alone, Digg’s front pages are all covered with titles about Google Chrome too. And here are the statistics about the browser usage of our visitor of the second and third day...

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Samsung Customers are Complaining About Scam Emails

A number of people have received an e-mail claiming they have won a large cash prize in a lottery, drawing, or contest run by Samsung Electronics. These e-mails are fakes and part of a scam. They have no association with Samsung Electronics. The promotions and prizes referred to in them do not exist. If you receive one of these e-mails, do not, we repeat, do not...

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