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AMD Athlon X2 240 Packaging Comparison

Manufacturers sometimes change their packaging depending on the market they deliver to as well as the price they want to set. So customers asked me why these particular processors come in different packages, so I decided to make a small comparison. Here are the unboxing videos of both of them Well basically the main thing you buy is exactly the same. No differences. Same GHz same performance so there is nothing to worry about. The manuals/warranty that comes with it are a bit small in the smaller packaging, and the sticker is also the same with the only difference...

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Missing Language Bar

I had a one to one combat with the language bar recently as the language bar just won’t minimize. If you go through the “regional and language options” and tick the show language bar, the language bar shows up as a flying icon which you can move through the screen. But if you want to minimize it and make it appear on the right of your taskbar (where it actually belongs) the language disappears completely, but if you check and see at the “regional and language options” you will notice that the “show language bar” is ticked. I myself,...

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Asus Rampage II Extreme Unboxing

I know it’s been a while since we posted new stuff, but that does not mean we haven’t been active in the PC scene. Let me begin by posting some materials we’ve been collecting for some time. I’m present you possibly the best gamers motherboard currently available. Asus has done it again. The Asus Rampage II Extreme is a great piece of overclocking hardware. I’m posting these videos of unboxing the Asus Rampage II Extreme motherboard, and some interesting posts going in depth with it will follow. Stay...

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Asus M51Va Unpacking Video

As promised here is the unpacking video for the higher priced Asus M51Va notebook intended to hit the middle to upper class area. It has perfect specifications for gamers and does a great job in the entertainment area. Here’s whats inside: Asus M51Va notebook Power Adapter Power Cable Cable Holder Asus M51Va 6-cell battery Microfiber LCD Cleaning Cloth User Guide User Manual Quick Installation Guide Telephone Cable SVideo Output Cable Vista Drives Disk Bonus Software...

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Asus X51L Review

Sorry for the great delay of this review, I was very busy lately working on a new website project for downloading drivers, It’s been some time since I’ve published the Asus X51L unpacking video so now you can read the full review finally. Design The notebook chassis is a typical for the lower and middle class Asus notebooks, sharp edges, not too thin, not too thick, mostly silver with black around the 15.4″ wide monitor. Simple yet good looking, a much better design than most of the notebooks in this class. Inside it’s pretty straightforward, a nice keyboard...

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