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HP Probook 4520s Unboxing

Here is the unboxing video of the HP Probook 4520s. I got this a few months ago, and I have almost ready review about it, but I just didn’t have the time to publish it. Well you can see the unboxing and expect a HP Probook 4520s review in a few days. There is already a HP ProBook 4530s out, but I just had to publish this one because it’s a sliver/champagne color, it makes it look fancy. :) Edit: Now available HP Probook 4520s...

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Asus Digiton – Play to Win a P8Z68

Asus introduces their new Dual Intelligent Processors Design 2 motherboards, the Asus P8Z68/P8Z67 series.  Promoting their new technologies such as:   DIGI+ VRM – A new technology which integrates the new Intel VRD12 eliminating the old analog designs EFI BIOS – A new GUI BIOS with mouse support BT GO! – Onboard Bluetooth wireless design AI Suite II – All in one interface which allows overclocking, energy management, fan speed, voltage control and such Hyper Speed – Complete USB 3.0 Inegration, Extra Sata 6GB/s Support and Dual Lan   If you want to win a motherboard of the new...

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Fix Latest nVidia Mobility Driver to Fit Your Notebook

Well you just bought yourself a new notebook with nvidia graphic card and you found out that the driver on the manufacturer’s support/download page (asus, acer, sony, msi, hp..) hasn’t been updated for some time and now you can’t run your newly bought game for your powerful notebook graphic card (gt 460m, gt 540m, gt 550m or gt 550m ..) or your graphic card performance is compromised. Out of desperation you go to the nvidia support page hoping to find the latest nvidia driver for your notebook. You download it and snap! There’s the error: “NVIDIA Installer cannot continue”...

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Dell Inspiron N5010 Unboxing

This is the second video I forgot to upload when I got the Dell Inspiron N5010 to let you know what we are about to review. I won’t do that anymore, I promise. You can read more on the Dell Inspiron N5010 Review. The notebook was packed up standard, in a colored box (they used more expensive wrapping material so that only adds up to the cost) but at least there wasn’t anything fancy shmancy in the packaging, something which you will certainly throw in the garbage later. Ok enough with the economy talk let’s see what’s...

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Asus K53SV Unboxing

I know I should have posted this unboxing video before the Asus K53SV Review, but I was simply overexcited and so I forgot. So here is the unboxing video of the Asus K53SV notebook, as you can see it’s a standard packing, nothing too fancy on the outside which I like, but inside is the real deal. The manuals and cd drivers are inside the notebook cover so watch out while opening. If you own this model please share your...

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