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How to Avoid or Fix “winload.exe corrupt” in Windows Vista

ATTENTION: This case/solution applies only when this error was caused by partitioning with older versions of partition software which does not support vista partitioning. Although NTFS, vista partitions are different than XP, and require specific amount of space reserved before the primary partition, so most partition software applications available at this point, do not support Vista. These include: all versions prior Acronis Disk Director Suite 10.0 build 2160, all versions prior and including Norton’s Partition Magic 8.0.. and since these two are the leaders, I shouldn’t even mention others. That’s why Vista has its own built-in tool for resizing...

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Common Problem with Power Supply

Symptom:So you turn on your PC, while waiting for the boot, you get your coffee, light up a cgiarette, and then you notice that the monitor is still dark. No memory testing, nothing Monitor appears to be off, although the PC seems to be working. This problem can show up on any computer, but it’s more common for computers older than two years.How often can this happen?Well it happened to me twice in four years on 2 different machines. And last week it happened again on my cosusins PC that’s 2 years old.What’s causing it?This kind of behaviour can...

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How to find the right drivers for your PC

After a fresh windows installation, drivers can be a pain to find for some PC’s, especially for some not very well known notebook brands. There are a number of ways to try and locate the correct drivers, but for the average Joe, this can become a very challenging and sometimes unpleasant task. How many drivers you will have to search for depends on how many devices your PC has, and for how many of them windows has already built-in drivers. In general, there are a few which must be installed on most PC’s like: the motherboard chipset, grpahic card...

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