Hi folks

We got our hands on two of the most powerful graphic cards on the market – Asus EN 9800 GTX Geforce and ATI Radeon 4870 Sapphire and we decided put those two rivals on head to head benchmark and see what happens. I gotta admit I have great respect for both manufacturers since their products traditionally perform best in their class which made this testing even more interesting.

So the system we tested on is:
MB: Asus P5Q pro
System memory: 2GB Vdata 800mhz DDR2
Power supply: Asus 450W
HD: wd2500ks 250GB caviar SE16
CPU: Intel core2duo 7300 2.4 3MB cache
OS: Windows XP pro SP3 32-bit
Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit

Benchmark applications used are:
PassMark PerformanceTest v6.1.1010
SiSoftware Sandra Pro Business XII SP2c 2008.5.14.24
3DMARK05 v1.3.0

3DMARK06 v1.1.0

3DMARK Vantage

driver versions are:

Nvidia – GeForce Release 180 WHQL
Version:     180.48
Release Date:     November 19, 2008
Operating System:     Windows XP, Windows XP Media Center Edition
Language:     U.S. English
File Size:     68.3 MB

ATI – Radeon Catalyst Software Suite
ATI Catalyst™ 8.12 Display Driver for Windows XP Professional/Home Edition
34.7MB     8.12     12/10/2008     Display Driver
Catalyst Control Center
WDM Drivers